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Welcome to the best lol boosting site

League of legends, valorant and tft boosting from the creators of, we only work with the top 0.1% of players in the world.

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secure connection
Always Secure Connection

The majority of boosting sites claim to be using secure VPN connections when playing on your account but no site actually enforces it, on TurboBoost our boosters are required to verify that they have our own VPN enabled before being able to play on your account!

safe data
Your data is safe

On Turboboost we don't share your login credentials with our boosters, we use an internal app for our boosters which automatically logs them into your account, this way we keep your data 100% safe from all parties.

top 01
Top 0.1%

On Turboboost we are very selective of our boosters, we only work with the top 0.1% of the ranked ladder. On top of that we have some of the best working terms for boosters to make sure they perform at their best!

Our LoL Boosting


No matter what situation you are in, we got you covered with our various boosting options

Division Boosting

If you're looking to have your lol account rank boosted this is the service for you, all you have to do is select your starting and desired rank, we will then match you with a booster who can complete your order with a high win rate.

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Net Win Boosting

Win boosting is when you order a specific amount of games that our booster should win for you, you can select up to 10 games at a time, the rule here is that we will always deliver net wins which means that if we lose one game, we have to win one to cover for it.

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Placements Matches

Looking to start an account or new season with a good start? Then placement matches boosting is for you, you just have to select how many games you want us to play in your promos and we will deliver it with a high win rate, we promise over 70% win rate.

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On Turboboost we have many addons you can add on top of your elo boosting order.

duo boosting
Duo Boosting

Duo boosting is when you duo queue with our booster, this is the best option if you wanna be more anonymous about your boosting, we will play on an account with similar rank as you.

plus 1 win
+1 Win

If you want our lol boosting service to end with a bang, this a good addon for you, after your order has been completed we will win one extra game, perfect for division boosting when you don't want to end on 0 LP.


Want to watch live while our booster elo boost you? Then you can select this addon and our booster will give you a livestream link where you can watch every game he boost you live.

prio order
Priority Order

Want the best possible customer support and the fastest possible league boosting? With this addon we as elo boosting service provider and our booster will make sure your order gets completed in the fastest and best possible way.

Appear Offline

Don't want any of your added lol players to see while we are boosting you? Then you can select this option for free, we will use a completely safe and accepted tool by riot games to appear as if you were offline!


If you want our booster to use a vpn while playing on your account to ensure that your account is super safe, you can enable this addon, it is completely free!

Rated one of the best lol service providers

On Trustpilot you can read all about how our clients love our services.

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chapelle michel

rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red

PROxpi, my savior in need

So, as an Aram player, having to grind to Gold IV for that sweet Sejuani skin would have been impossible for me. Thanks to PROxpi (my booster) that problem was solved in a matter of days. They kept me informed of any issues that would occur and the advancements of my order. They were polite and kind and I am extremely happy with the service they gave.

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João Costa

rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red

Gozen was the best boost I ever got

Gozen was the best boost I ever got. He was very friendly. Kept me posted after each game and we even talked about other things not related to league of legends. Definitly gonna choose specifically next time I buy a boost

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Swam AMV

rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red

My account was p1 last season

My account was p1 last season and in smurf q, after first placement i ended up g2 and the booster won 5 games out of 9, cause i played the first placement and i lost it. They offer 80% of win rate, if they lose one they give 2 NetWins each lose. He did 4 netwins and i ended up p2 60 LP, almost the rank from my last season, cause i skipped p3 :)

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All Business

rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red

Fast and Friendly!

Fast and friendly booster. Didn't compromise my account or did anything shady. Very respectful booster and nice to talk to as well! I recommend Metroi because he is very good at the game and very responsive and respectful.

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rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red rating star red

Was suspicious at first with buying

Was suspicious at first with buying accounts but this website made it so easy to navigate an figure out the best options for me, fast delivery too haha legit bought it and was playing 5mins later, Astro should be proud of Turbo Smurfs!

Elo Boosting from Turboboost

We believe that the best way to provide a perfect league of legends elo boosting service, you have to work with the best lol boosters.

We therefore only work with grandmaster+ elo boosters but also give them the best possible working environment.

Hand picked lol elo boosters

All of our boosters are hand picked by our management team to ensure we are working with the very best.

From start to finish you will receive an S+ experience together with our boosters, and if you are not happy we have a 100% money back guarantee.

Booster panel
Turbo brand services

From the team behind turbosmurfs

You might know us from the worlds biggest and most trusted league of legends smurf site

If you didn't already know, Turbosmurfs is known for its high quality accounts and amazingly good customer service as seen on trustpilot.

We also have one of the biggest league of legends discord communities, feel free to join the community by clicking here.


Find more questions & answers

Go to FAQ

Is it safe to be boosted?

While it is true that you can get banned for boosting as it is against the rules, the actual ban rate for boosting is around 0.2%, which is very low, and there are many precautions you can take against this, for example ordering VPN Boosting, making sure you boost looks legit and so on, but in general it should be nothing to be worried about.

Is my account safe with Turboboost?

Yes, we work with a hand-picked team of boosters which we deem very trusted, also your login credentials are always hashed and encrypted in our databases.

Can I get banned for boosting?

Yes you can get banned for boosting, however the actual ban rate for this is 0.2%, where the majority of those cases being in very very high elo.

What happens if my account gets banned or muted for toxicity from your booster?

In our terms of conditions to our boosters we have a very clear rule against toxicity, so this should not happen, however, if this were to happen and you were muted we will compensate you greatly with RP and give a lifetime ban to our booster as well as take pre-cautions to get him banned from other boosting sites.

How does this service work?

Boosting is when a high elo player plays on your account for you and ranks up your account in a very quickly manner, turboboost only works with the best players on every server so you can expect some amazing results with us.