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    Discounts up to 30%! Click Here    

    Discounts up to 30%! Click Here    

Free LoL Boosting lootbox

Feeling lucky? Discover the thrill of opening our League of Legends boosting lootboxes - one chance every 24 hours. Win daily coupon codes and try your shot at our jackpot for a 100% free LoL rank boost! Join our amazing Discord community where we host plenty of other giveaways as well!

Turbosmurfs free lootbox

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If you win any Epic or Mythic you can claim in our LiveChat or Discord Server!

Turboboost Free Lootbox

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How does it work?

We know how difficult climbing on your own can be, which is why we want to make LoL boosting easily obtainable through these lootboxes. Our prizes range from discount coupons to completely free LoL boosting aiming to give everyone a chance to experience a LoL boost!

Since elo boosting is such an easy way to get to the highest ranks that a lot of players use nowadays, we hope you will return for another boost after your free boosting session.

You can win discount coupons that reduce the price of your LoL boosting order anywhere from 15% to 30%. However, our lootboxes also contain a big jackpot which is a 100% free LoL elo boosting or coaching session!

You can win discount coupons that reduce the price of your LoL boosting order anywhere from 15% to 30%. However, our lootboxes also contain a big jackpot which is a 100% free LoL elo boosting or coaching session!

You can open one free lootbox every 24 hours, so even if you got unlucky and failed to win the jackpot, you're welcome to try again tomorrow!

Creating an account to open these lootboxes is mandatory for several reasons, mainly the fact that coupons and winnings are automatically linked to it.

Why you should consider LoL boosting

Easy rank increase

We've all had a dream rank in League of Legends that we didn't end up reaching because it takes too much time and commitment.

Elo boosting is a perfect solution to this as it requires no effort on your behalf since you won't be the one playing on the account, saving you a lot of time as a result.

Sit back or duo with one of our elo boosters and watch your rank elevate to completely new heights and reach the top ranks on the ladder without moving a finger!

Duo boosting

Duo boosting is the most optimal way of elo boosting your account as it directly involves you in the entire process.

Unlike traditional boosting where you take a back seat while the booster boosts your rank, duo boosting allows you to play alongside your booster and experience the thrill of an easy climb.

This method of boosting is a perfect way to swiftly increase your rank while simultaneously improving at the game as you'll be playing duo with a Challenger player. This allows you to soak up the booster's good habits as well as get real-time feedback on your gameplay.

Ranked rewards

One of the main reasons we tryhard in ranked is to get the Victorious skin, the shiniest icons, and the best borders at the end of the split.

Elo boosting can be extremely helpful in this regard, as you can get much better rewards with a push in the right direction.

Is LoL boosting bannable?

At Turboboost, we use numerous precautions such as VPN and offline mode that ensure the safety of your account throughout the elo boost, making LoL boosting completely safe.

Statistically speaking, only 0.1% of boosted accounts ever get banned (temporarily) and that is only in extremely high elo.

If you still have doubts about account safety you should purchase duo boosting which involves no account sharing, making it 100% safe and risk-free.

Who are your boosters?

Intending to provide you with the best service possible, we handpick only the top 0.1% of ranked players to boost on our platform.

This ensures that the boosting is fast regardless of rank as our boosters will easily win games in any ranked elo.

Apart from being extremely skilled at the game, our elo boosters are friendly and communicative which is essential as you're able to talk to them via live chat.

I didn't win a boost, can I try again?

Don't be disappointed if you didn't win a jackpot in the first box, you can open a new lootbox every single day.

How can I contact you?

If you run into any trouble while navigating the site or you have any questions, feel free to contact our live chat which is available 24/7.

Additionally, you can join our Discord server where you can write a support ticket to our support team as well as check out the FAQ section.

What else do you offer?

Custom elo boosting orders

We try to make LoL elo boosting as enjoyable as possible, which is why we allow you to thoroughly customize and personalize your boosting order.

There are several customization options available on the website, ranging from duo boosting to boost streaming.

To top it off, we offer free customization options that are usually paid add-ons, such as champion and role selection, VPN, and offline mode.

LoL Coaching

If you're someone who wants to invest in your long-term skill as a League of Legends player and you want to improve at the game, LoL coaching is a perfect solution for you.

At Turboboost, we offer coaching performed by professionals who are ready to share the secrets that helped them reach the highest ranks in the game.

Regardless of the role or champion you main, you will find coaches on our platform who can take your game to the next level.

Boosting in other games

Our offer extends beyond standard LoL boosting as we also offer LoL Arena boosting, TFT boosting and Valorant boosting.

If you have any suggestions about other games we should add to our boosting offer, feel free to let us know.