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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to be boosted?

While it is true that you can get banned for boosting as it is against the rules, the actual ban rate for boosting is around 0.2%, which is very low, and there are many precautions you can take against this, for example ordering VPN Boosting, making sure you boost looks legit and so on, but in general it should be nothing to be worried about.

Is my account safe with Turboboost?

Yes, we work with a hand-picked team of boosters which we deem very trusted, also your login credentials are always hashed and encrypted in our databases.

Can I get banned for boosting?

Yes you can get banned for boosting, however the actual ban rate for this is 0.2%, where the majority of those cases being in very very high elo.

What happens if my account gets banned or muted for toxicity from your booster?

In our terms of conditions to our boosters we have a very clear rule against toxicity, so this should not happen, however, if this were to happen and you were muted we will compensate you greatly with RP and give a lifetime ban to our booster as well as take pre-cautions to get him banned from other boosting sites.

How does this service work?

Boosting is when a high elo player plays on your account for you and ranks up your account in a very quickly manner, turboboost only works with the best players on every server so you can expect some amazing results with us.

Can the boosters play with the champions or role I want?

Yes, you can configure your order to your liking by for example picking exactly what lanes, champions and so on our booster should play while playing on your account.

Can i watch while the booster is playing on my account?

Yes, everytime our booster is in-game on your account there will be a button on your order page to spectate the game directly in the league client, however, you may also purchase our live-streaming addon, when doing this our streamer will livestream privately to you while playing on your account.

Can i duo with the booster?

Yes, we have an addon called Duo Boosting which turns the order into a duo boosting order, then all you have to do is give us your summoner name and our booster will be playing from an account in your elo!

How do i talk with my booster?

Once you placed an order, on the order page you will find a live chat which you can use to chat with your booster directly.

Can i change my booster?

If you for some reason are not satisfied with your booster, you may request to have your booster changed. However please note that this will give the booster a penalty, so you must only do this in the very rare cases where you are not satisfied. The booster may also then dispute the change, and if the case favors our booster, we will give him the option to re-take the order. If your change was justified, we will then match you with another booster.

My booster has not played in many hours, what do I do?

It is hard to say why this happens, as all boosters are also humans and sometimes trouble comes up, however if there are no server issues and our booster has not communicated with you within 12 hours, we are happy to solve this issue for you by contacting our live chat.

Can i play on my account while getting elo boosted?

Yes and no, you may not play the queue you ordered boosting for as this will affect the orders progress, however you may play any other queue on the account. But if you wish to do so you need to pause the order, you can find the pause button on your order page.

I want to become a booster for you turboboost, how do i become one?

Currently turboboost only consists of a team of hand-picked team of boosters, this means that turboboost for the time being is an invite-only boosting site. We therefor are currently not looking to hire any new boosters.

It says my order is requiring additional funds, why?

If you did not enter correct information when ordering, thing such as rank, current LP, LP gains and so forth we may request additional funds from you to be able to continue the order, however this will be communicated to you through email or live chat.